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Hummer EV SUV feature - City GM

Hummer vehicles are synonymous with power, capability, and comfort, but the original lineup came to its natural end in 2010 as their gas-guzzling nature became an increasingly severe drawback. But the great news for Hummer fans is that the nameplate is back, with two new models supplying all the performance of the originals but running....Read More

How to Prepare Your Garage for an EV - Buy and install your charging station

The all-electric driving future is arriving at an increasingly rapid pace, and record numbers of people are deciding that now's the time to make the switch to an EV. But although the benefits of electric vehicles are huge, there's also no doubt that getting your first EV is a major step that needs a little....Read More

Electric vehicles (EVs) are high on drivers' minds these days with rising gas prices and global warming concerns. As emissions from gas-powered vehicles begin to wreak havoc on the environment, General Motors (GM) has committed to building affordable, long-range EVs. This is reflected in their plans to launch 30 new EVs globally by 2025....Read More